Daemon Technologies

About Us

We're a small and nimble company, where you can be one of a select group of clientele. You deal directly with us, not having to wait through front line support.

With decades of experience in all forms of technology, we not only understand computers, but we work to understand you and your needs.

We've helped people with their computers since the first personal computer, through helping people "dial on" to the Internet to helping people manage today's vast array of systems and options.

We've been providing webhosting since 1995. We watched the changes of HTML, the introduction of CSS, and are all too excited about the newest capabilities with HTML5 and CSS3.

Best of all, you don't have to know what any of that means. Just know you won't have to choose between design, functionality, and accessibility in a website.

We are your experts, your guides, your Daemons in this great world we call the Internet.


We are located near Santa Cruz, CA. The vast majority of our work can be done by telecommute, but we are available for face-to-face meetings or on-location work when necessary and reasonable.